The City of Iowa Park Water Supply is Safe

The City of Iowa Park Water Supply is Safe.
As the COVID-19 crisis continues to develop and reports of bottled water shortages make headlines, the City of Iowa Park reminds its water customers that the City’s public water system provides safe and affordable water for drinking, cooking and maintaining personal hygiene during the COVID-19 outbreak. Water customers can and should continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual as COVID-19 is NOT present in public water supplies. Iowa Park purchases potable water from Wichita Falls which utilized high-quality disinfection processes regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The surface water is filtered and disinfected which are effective means in removing and/or inactivating viruses.

Drinking water consumers can avoid being taken advantage of crisis profiteers by simply using the water that is available in their homes from the tap. Water consumers should take comfort in the fact that the COVID-19 virus does not spread through drinking water supplies. The City of Iowa Park Public Water Supply remains committed to the uninterrupted delivery of clean and safe drinking water for the duration of this crisis.

The City of Iowa Park understands the importance of reliable high-quality water and wastewater services in our everyday lives and especially during a public health crisis. The City is committed to taking all necessary steps to help ensure that the water system is functioning both reliably and safely. As COVID-19 response efforts evolve to meet the needs of our citizens and wholesale water customers, City utility crews will continue to provide professional expertise and public resources.