Library Building Closed to Public, Will Have Curbside Pick Up

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th, the library will begin a different way of operating. We will still be open for checking materials in and out. However, the public will not be allowed in the library. The side door next to the book drop will be unlocked and there will be a table inside. If you are returning materials, you can either put them on the table or drop them in the book drop. To check out materials, you can either call us at 592-4981 or use the online patron access catalog (OPAC)… or the librista app on your device. Once we receive your requests, we will gather the items, check them out to you and place them in a bag with your receipt on the table for you to pick up. It will usually take less than 30 minutes for us to have your items ready.
Here are the instructions for using OPAC to choose your items for pickup:
Go to OPAC using the link above or download the Librista app on a phone or device. In Librista choose our library. Login using all 9 digits of your library card, your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number we have on file.
**If you have any problem logging in, please call the library (940)592-4981, we will correct the problem as soon as possible.
Once you are logged in, you can look on any of our featured lists on the home page or type in the search bar anything you are specifically looking for. While looking at a particular item, you will notice to the right of the title the word in or out, indicating whether the item is currently checked out or available in the library.
If you click on the title of the item, on the right top corner of the item description, there is the option to reserve. After you click on reserve, a notification is sent to us at the library to pull the item from the shelf and check it out to you. During regular business hours, the items will be ready for pick up in 30 minutes or less. If you reserve items after 7:30pm Mon-Thurs, 4:30pm Fri, or 1:30pm Sat. They will be available the next business day.