Iowa Park Water Supply and Swimming Pool Are Safe

Iowa Park Water is Safe


The Iowa Park public water supply and the Iowa Park Municipal Swimming Pool are, and have remained, compliant with the standards of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  While there reportedly have been local cases of Giardiasis, recently, neither the water supply nor the swimming pool are suspect of having been contaminated.  Giardiasis is a parasite which can cause diarrhea, among other symptoms.  Although it has been found in water supplies or swimming pools elsewhere, this is NOT the case in Iowa Park, Texas.  Giardiasis can also spread through poor hygienic practices, but only when ingested.


The City will continue to purchase treated water, regularly monitor pool quality and enforce swimming pool rules.  People with diarrhea should stay out of the water and all people should shower before getting in the pool.  Children should be encouraged to take frequent bathroom breaks and diapers should be changed frequently.  Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom.  The City will continue to monitor the situation while providing high-quality potable water and a healthy swimming pool facility.