Iowa Park-The Town of Friendly Living

Some leaders in some areas are considering curfews. While, it is uncertain what the future may bring, Iowa Park has not experienced evening activities since local schools have closed and there is little nonessential movement in Iowa Park after the sun goes down. If this continues, there will not likely be a need for any curfew. However, as this situation evolves and as people’s habits may change, officials will take any actions which may be necessary to protect public health and safety.

In some areas, restrictions on retailers and their hours of operation are being considered. Business hours are not a problem in Iowa Park as most businesses close early and have already taken drastic measures to limit social contact. As long as people remain civilized and respectful of others, additional business restrictions are not likely. In fact, essential businesses are encouraged to provide essential goods and services to our citizens.

Some areas are discussing travel restrictions to restrict movement of the virus. It is certainly a good idea to avoid areas with outbreaks, large groups of people or people with compromised immune systems. This is certainly a good opportunity to promote local businesses and do as much business as close to home as possible. There are presently no restrictions on people entering or leaving the City of Park. Many of our essential workers live outside of the City limits and many of our residents are essential workers in other communities. People are encouraged to be informed, cautious and respectful of all others.

While the City of Iowa Park remains in a local state of disaster for public health and community leaders are working diligently to protect the safety and health our citizens during this global COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Iowa Park does not have the same issues as New York City, Dallas or even Wichita Falls. Yes this is a family-friendly community where handshakes and hugs are routine under normal circumstances. However, we have at least temporarily modified our behaviors. Additional precautions may or may not be in order.

Texas Governor Abbott’s executive orders will remain in effect and in full force at least through April 3, 2020; however, they are subject to being extended, modified, amended, rescinded, or superseded. The City of Iowa Park is prepared to take actions, if necessary, to suppress the virus. Please contact City Hall at (940) 592-2131 if you have any questions or concerns. Please monitor and other trustworthy sites for the latest local information.

Jerry Flemming, City Manager
City of Iowa Park
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Iowa Park, TX 76367-0190

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