Information Concerning Canada Geese Population Control

There has been considerable information posted concerning population control of Canada geese at Lake Gordon in Iowa Park.  While there are many valid opinions on the issue, it is important to have accurate information.  Not all of the information has been true and not all has been false.  Below are some of the points which have been suggested:


Canada geese are a threatened or endangered species. FALSE
Canada geese live around 10-25 years on average in the wild. TRUE
Canada geese mate for life. TRUE
If a Canada goose mate dies, the goose will not try to find another mating partner. FALSE
Geese migrate in order to return to their birthplace for mating and nesting. TRUE
Canada geese molt their feathers annually and are unable to fly for about 6 weeks. TRUE
Gordon Lake is a natural lake. FALSE
Feeding wildlife in Iowa Park is legal. FALSE
Canada geese hunting season was November 3, 2018 to February 3, 2019. TRUE
City geese hunting season in Iowa Park is different from the season in West Texas. FALSE
The entire area embraced within the city is designated as a bird sanctuary. TRUE
Hunting waterfowl is not allowed anywhere in City limits at any time. FALSE
There is a high demand for Canada goose meat at regional shelters and missions. FALSE
The citizens who have complained about overpopulation don’t care about the geese. FALSE
City officials don’t care about geese or people. FALSE
Multiple agencies are working to manage the waterfowl population at Lake Gordon. TRUE
City Council did not consult with Certified Wildlife Biologists. FALSE
Citizen input was not solicited concerning wildlife at Lake Gordon. FALSE
Past efforts to manage waterfowl have not been published by the media. FALSE
Cities are not bound by State or Federal laws. FALSE
Individuals will be hired to exterminate geese at Lake Gordon. FALSE
Geese can be effectively relocated to other sites. FALSE
Removing or destroying eggs is an effective control method for Canada geese. FALSE
The flock at Gordon Lake will be thinned by means of a molting-season round-up. TRUE
Excess Canada geese will be captured, transported off-site and euthanized humanely. TRUE
All waterfowl at Lake Gordon will be exterminated. FALSE
City Council did not consider alternatives to a molting-season round-up. FALSE
All Canada geese at Lake Gordon will be exterminated. FALSE
Canada geese will be killed and their carcasses left on-site to rot. FALSE
Canada geese will be poisoned. FALSE
Eggs will be coated with diesel fuel. FALSE
Effective ecosystem management will be a long-term ongoing community projects. TRUE
Information posted on popular social sites is always accurate. FALSE