Go Green Recycling

Iowa Park has 3 recycling dumpsters in the city that are single stream recycling.  Single stream recycling means you do not have to separate the items you can put them all in the same dumpster.  There is one recycling dumpster located by the garage behind Tom Burnett Memorial Library and two recycling dumpsters located in the north parking lot of Bradford Elementary.  The items accepted in these dumpsters are: plastics #1-#7 (remove lids and discard in trash), glass bottles, containers, and dishes (including colored), telephone books, magazines, and catalogs, newspapers, aluminum, steel, and tin containers, boxboard and chipboard, corrugated cardboard, (please breakdown boxes), and mixed paper.

Flyers with a list of what is accepted for recycling and what is not are available at Tom Burnett Memorial Library.

Used oil can be discarded at the location of the parks barn on Texas St.

City Hall has reusable grocery sacks available.

Please click on links to view available electronics recycling.